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A lot of money can be found in your head. And your hands, too

A lot of money can be found in your head. And your hands, too Our brain is a very large and interesting organ. It is estimated that it takes us 1.5 hours to process a new word. We are able to think in terms of thousands of different possible combinations of letters.It is for this we are well aware that the topic of money is " for dummies " a lot of them!And while we are sitting here, our head is spinning with rumours and dark fantasies about the rich and rich people.They are always "on the money" — they are just different they choose to spend their money on something.So what kind of person lives in our head and what kind of "money magnetism" does he possess?And the main thing is, that we are able to consciously "make friends" with our money — and not "run away" from them with the idea that they will never work for us.Only here a lot of money can be found in your head! And your hands, too, can be found to the left. In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of financial problems forever, find prosperity and material wealth. well-being.There are a lot of fairy tales about rich people and how they became such. But, as you can see, they did not become rich by winning the lottery or finding a treasure under the sea. These are the ones who "eat their own shoes". If you don't tell your inner story, then your "relationship" with money will be forever hindered. I will not criticise the efforts of artists, authors and authors of all sorts of literature who have worked hard to create an impressive amount of financial capital.But if you are currently suffering from chronic lack of money, then it's time to give up the attempt to "make friends" with your own money and learn how else to handle your money correctly.Here's what you should do to do this::1) get Rid of all debts Remember how you took out a loan from a Bank and were pleasantly surprised by the promptness of their response. Do not repeat it if you have other debts. 2) Start investing Don't wait for a miracle — today you have the opportunity to invest your money in real estate, buy bonds, buy shares, and more. Today, starting your own business is the surest way to get rich. So why wait for a miracle? 3) Do not put all your eggs in one basket Don't put all your money in just one asset class: gold, stocks, bonds, real estate, real estate funds. Don't try to speculate on everything and nowhere Do not try to make money on everything and nowhere. Stop trying to get rich with your own hands. The fact is that to do this, you need to create a detailed financial plan for your family and invest