The stock market crashed again. How long will it last?

The stock market crashed again. How long will it last? The COVID-19 virus has brought the entire world "to its knees", stripped Americans of their jobs and businesses and put millions of people "out of work". But in America, things are very different. Almost all industries were left without work (and their employees) — and their own companies are still standing. So, yesterday's collapse was a reminder that our "great Satan" is very much not yet "at work". The economy is very strong "back home" In terms of the strength of its recovery, we are all waiting like "manna from heaven" for the end of the self-isolation and the beginning of mass layoffs. But, alas, these are all far away events. That's why I'm sitting here right now, and you're watching TV (or radio). I'll tell you about myself:Since the beginning of March, I have been in 2 different cities (one in Madrid, one in Beijing). I've been to the post office MANY TIMES. Every day I get a salary. At the same time, I am not "at work" at all. I'm on vacation now. And when the quarantine is lifted, I will be able to return to the office. But for how long? It's impossible to predict. But I can say this-that the global financial crisis that has begun is not going to end quickly. It will last forever. And this crisis will leave us "with the head". And the virus, as it turned out to be, COVID-19, was not even a happy one. It was a terrible tragedy. But it's good to be a professional now. And when the pandemic recedes, let's hope that the depression and the crisis will recede too. well. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to go to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money places". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".